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Sewer Network.

The sewer network consists of sewer pipes of various sizes and materials; and inspection manholes. The sewer line has increased from 48.890km in 2017 to 61.20 km in 2020, the pipes range from 100mm (4’’) to 600mm (24’’) diameter; made up of uPVC, Cast Iron and Concrete. There are 699 manholes for inspection and are accessible for cleaning. Sewerage connections increased from 5,149 in 2017 to 6,046 in June, 2020. The current service coverage has increased from 7.6% in 2018 to 8.3% in June, 2020 the increase was as a result of 875 new sewer connection done by the ASUWSDP ongoing Project.

Sewerage Treatment Ponds.

AUWSA has one existing Waste Stabilization Pond with five ponds working in parallel and series. The first pond is anaerobic, followed by two facultative ponds in parallel and finally two maturation ponds in series. Within the pond area there are two sludge ponds to treat seepage from cesspit empties. The average daily flow into the existing ponds is 6,443m3 /day while the design flow is 3,414m3 /day. Through the ASUWSDP ongoing Project, AUWSA has completed construction of new sewerage treatment facility which has increased waste water treatment capacity from 3,414m3 /day to 22,000 m3 /day and therefore addressing the issue of Overloading of WSP as the major challenge facing the existing ponds. Moreover, AUWSA is frequently attending sewer blockage along the sewer system, wastewater treatment, sewerage network rehabilitation, new sewer extension and wastewater quality monitoring.