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The Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA), is a legally established entity responsible for the overall operation and management of water supply and sewerage services in Arusha City. AUWSA was established under the Water Works Act CAP 272 amendment (Act No. 8 of 1997), now repealed by Water Supply and Sanitation Act No. 12 of 2009. It was declared a fully autonomous entity by order of the Minister responsible for Water Affairs in January 1998.

AUWSA is governed by the Board of Directors and headed by the Managing Director. Under the Managing Director there are four Departments namely Technical, Customer Service, Finance and Human Resources and Administration. There are Eleven Sections under these four Departments. Also there are Seven Units namely Internal Audit, Public Relations, Procurement Management, Legal Services, Planning and Development, Store and Supplies and Information and Communication Technology all reporting to the Managing Director.

AUWSA operates performs and discharges its functions of supplying water and sewerage disposal service in accordance to but not limited to the following:

  • Water Supply and Sanitation Act. 2009
  • Finance Act, 2004
  • Public Procurement Act, 2011
  • EWURA Act, CAP 414
  • MoU between MoWI and AUWSA

Being a Corporate entity the guiding tools can be defined herein as:-

Vision Statement
“Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Arusha City delivered in compliance with both National and International Standards”.

Mission Statement
“To provide quality water and sanitation services efficiently and effectively using available resources and technologies for sustainable development in Arusha City”.

Our Motto
“Our Customer our Pride”.

AUWSA’s Roles and Functions
As a legally established entity, AUWSA is charged with the major roles and functions as follows:-

  • To continuously plan, develop and maintain the provision of clean, portable and wholesome water in Arusha Municipality while conserving the water sources for sustainability,
  • To plan, develop and maintain the sewerage system on any public land acquired or lawfully appropriated for that purpose so as to ensure hygienic sewage collection and safe disposal,
  • To set realist water and sewage disposal tariffs hence collect revenue from customers for water consumed and sewage collected by the Authority,
  • To educate and provide information to the public on public health aspects of water supply and wastewater disposal and carryout all functions in an environmentally friendly manner,
  • To create and maintain a good public image, while focusing on meeting customers’ expectations, and
  • To put in place and implement medium and long term investment programmes, financial plans and annual capital and recurrent budgets.