Water Supply

Prevailing situation for Water Supply;

Arusha is supplied with water from three different sources namely springs, boreholes and rivers. The spring sources include Olesha-Masama springs along Themi River located 4km north of the City, Ngarendolu and Machare springs located within the City. There are 13 deep wells (boreholes) located in Arumeru District and 7 boreholes located within the City area making a total of 20 boreholes. Nduruma River is located in the north of the City. Boreholes contribute 30% of the daily water production and the springs contribute 50% while the river contributes 20%. The production capacity fluctuates seasonally from an average of 40,000m3/day in dry seasons to 60,000m3/day during rainy seasons while the demand is 93,270m3/day which includes residents within Arumeru District Council where the water production scheme is located. From the above data, it shows that supply does not suffice demand. This calls for additional sources to maintain adequate supply in all seasons.

The water distribution system comprises of 461.176 km of pipeline with diameters ranging from 32mm (11/2”) to 700mm (28”), the pipe materials are of very old Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, PVC and Polythene. The system also includes storage reservoirs with a total capacity of 13,750m3, 28 break pressure tanks, 184 water kiosks and 59 standpipes (By September 30th 2017).

The present water supply network is 44% as opposed to the former service area which was 98.5%. With the increased new service coverage the majority of the population mostly in the Wards of Sombetini, Kiutu, Elerai, Lemara, Ilboru, Moivo, Kiranyi, Daraja II and Sokoni II where AUWSA water supply network has not yet reached, and the community uses their own sources. Water quality from all sources (springs, river and wells) is within the required Tanzania Standards. For safety purposes, water treatment is done using calcium hypochlorite and water quality monitoring is done by collecting samples from the distribution system and checked for residual chlorine on weekly basis and so far the results have always been excellent.