Sewerage Services

Prevailing situation for Sewerage system;

(i) Sewerage reticulation system:
The sewer network consists of sewer pipes with various sizes, materials and manholes. The sewer length is 44.17Km with size ranging from 100mm to 600mm diameter. The pipes used are uPVC, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Concrete. There are 596 manholes for inspection and access for cleaning. The service coverage is about 7.6 % and the total number of customers is 4,191 as at 30th June 2012.

Sewer cleaning and blockage removal are done on routine basis along the sewer system. During the reporting period there were 2,079 incidences of sewer cleaning and blockages among which 93 were from private sewer laterals.

(ii) Sewage treatment.
The treatment is done by using Waste Stabilization Ponds. There are five ponds working in parallel and series. The first pond is anaerobic, followed by two facultative ponds working in parallel and finally two maturation ponds working in series. Within the pond area there are two sludge ponds to treat sewage brought by cesspit emptiers.

The average daily flow into the ponds is 60l/s (5,184m3) per day. The effluent is meant to be discharged into Themi River but it is mainly diverted by people who are neighboring the ponds to their farms for irrigation purpose. Monitoring of the ponds performance is done on weekly basis and any time whenever need arises by taking samples of incoming and outgoing waste water and analyze them to check the treatment efficiency of the ponds.