Customer Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Connected

Q: how much does it cost to get connected?
A: The cost of new connection will vary according to the size of the meter and the consumption category.

Q: How can one get connected?
A: Simply come to AUWSA offices and pick a new connection form and fill in the details.

Q: Do I need to pay for the materials?
A: The materials are provided by the AUWSA what the Customer is required to do is just paying the Cost listed in the Cost Estimate Form after the survey is done. A customer is NOT advised to buy any connection materials for new water connection.

Q: How much would the materials cost?
A: The price of the materials varies depending on the distance from the customer’s house to the main water line.

Q: Will I be required to bear the transport costs?
A: After the customer pays the costs listed in the cost estimate form there is no other charges to the Customer apart from labour charge, the Authority will provide transport to the staff to go to the customer’s site and connect the customer.

Q: Will I be responsible for the labour costs?
A: It’s the responsibility of the customer to pay the Porters.

Q: How long will it take to get connected?
Connecting the service and meter installation – within seven days upon full payment of required costs.


Q: How long will it take for one to get a bill?
A: Billing is done at every end of the month, so it takes only one month to get a bill.

Q: How frequent is the bill?
A: The bill is monthly.

Q: How frequently are the meter readings taken?
A: Meter readings are taken at the beginning of every month from 5 th to the end of the Month.

Q: Should I take note of my readings also?
A: It is important to take note of your personal readings for claimity purposes.

Q: Where can one get the Bills from?
A: A Bill is delivered to the customer through your Postal address, but Big Customer Bills are delivered to the Customer Premises through the AUWSA Credit Controls Staffs.

Q: Who delivers the Bill?
A: The AUWSA Credit Controls Staffs or Meter Readers delivers the bill or the Customer him/her self through the Postal Address.


Q: When is payment supposed to be done?
A: Payment is supposed to be done immediately after one receives a bill. The bill should be paid within the first week after the bills are sent to the postal Office.

Q: Where is payment supposed to be made?
A: Payment should be made at ONLY AUWSA Offices and paid to a cashier at the pay point and the Customer is given the original receipts of the payments for all type of payments. Mean while the customer is allowed to pay his/her Water, Sewer and Meter rental Charges through any CRDB Bank Branches in Tanzania , provided that the Customer has the original AUWSA Bills Invoice or the Customer Statement of the Current Month.

Q: In what form is the payment required?
A: Payment can either be by cash or by cheque.

Q: In how many installments should the payments be made?
A: Payments should be made in one installment unless otherwise agreed upon by the Commercial Manager or the Credit Control Officer.

Q: What should one receive after payment?
A: You are issued with an AUWSA receipt.


Q: When is one disconnected?
A: Disconnection is done two weeks after a bill has been delivered.

Q: What are the reasons for disconnection?
A: Disconnection is due to non-payment.

Q: What measures should be taken for one to avoid disconnection?
A: Payment should be made promptly.

Q: What are the effects of disconnection?
A: When you are disconnected you will be inconvenienced by lack of water in your premises and you are charged a reconnection fee which is an extra cost.

Q: When is one reconnected back on service?
A: One is reconnected after settling outstanding bills plus a reconnection fee.


Q: What are arrears and what causes them?
A: Arrears are accumulated bills and they are brought about by non-payment.

Q: How can one pay off arrears?
A: Arrears can be paid in a number of ways: (i) You can pay them in lump sum (ii) It can be paid by installments. (iii) You can come to AUWSA and sign an agreement with the officials agreeable to you and on how best you can pay.


Q: When does one possess ownership?
A: AUWSA deals directly with the property owner.

Q: Who is responsible for the meter?
A: The meter remains a property of AUWSA and it should always be accessible to the AUWSA staff.

Q: Who is responsible for leakages?
A: The owner of the property is responsible for detecting any leakages and immediately reporting it to the AUWSA office.