Customer Services


Visit AUWSA customer care desk for initial arrangements and collect an application form. The application form is provided free of charge.

In order to facilitate the connection procedures you should submit the following documents at AUWSA customer care desk:-

Complete filled application form from the Local Government Leaders (Ward Executive Officer, Hamlet Chairman,)
Applicant’s two recent pass port size photographs
Photocopy of Applicants Identification Card (Voter’s ID, Residents ID, Passport, Driving License, National ID, )

The above documents assists AUWSA to send a surveyor to carry out a survey at applicants resident for the purpose of establishing connection cost estimates including materials required.

Applicant should report at AUWSA customer care desk to peak a surveyor at the date instructed when returning the application form. Transport charges to carry a surveyor to and from the site will be incurred by the applicant.

Connection charges will be calculated by the surveyor basing on connection size, water meter size, the distance from the main pipeline.
After establishing the cost estimate, the applicant will be informed to collect the cost estimate form through a mobile phone text message. Payment should be made through mobile phone (TTCL PESA, MPESA, TIGOPESA, HALLO PESA, and AIRTEL MONEY) or through Bank and Bank Agents by the control number provided by AUWSA. The earlier the applicant pays the connection charges the earlier will the connection be done.
After payment of the full connection charges, AUWSA will connect the customer within a period of less than 14 days.