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Statement by the Managing Director

It is my pleasure to present the Strategic Plan for the Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA) for the next five years (2018/2019-2022/2023). AUWSA has reviewed the 2015/16-2019/20 Strategic Plan to cover the current priorities in response to the continuously changing environment in order to effectively and efficiently meet the stakeholders’ expectations and its mandated roles and functions. Apart from examining the mandate and scope of the functions of AUWSA, development of this Strategic Plan for AUWSA (2018/2019- 2022/2023) also has considered the following; Tanzania Development Vision 2025, the stakeholders’ inputs, consultative workshop, the results of the performance review of the previous Strategic Plan (2015/16–2019/20), Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the National Water Policy (NAWAPO) 2002, the Second Five Year Development Plan (2017/2018-2021/2022), Party Manifesto, Sectoral Policies and other relevant documents.

In the next five years, AUWSA will be guided by Seven Strategic Objectives (a) Cross-Cutting interventions enhanced by June, 2023. (b) Water supply services delivery improved by June 2023 (c) NRW reduced from 39% to 25% by June 2023 (d) Sanitation service delivery improved by June 2023. (e) Billing efficiency enhanced by June 2023 (f) Institution capacity facilitated by June 2023and (g) Efficient and effective management of AUWSA’s functions strengthened by June 2023. Based on these strategic objectives, AUWSA will continue to work towards clear, measurable targets and assessing our performance on an annual basis so as to ensure maximum performance on the predetermined deliverables.

AUWSA interacts with a number of stakeholders. Therefore, effective achievement of strategic objectives and targets depends on the way AUWSA engages those stakeholders in day to day operations. This five-year Strategic Plan will serve as a road map to AUWSA and its stakeholders to be engaged in the processes of efficient and effective delivery of quality water supply and sanitation services for Arusha City residents. It will further facilitate cascading organizational objectives, targets, strategies and activities to the individual level across departments, units and sections through the Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS). This document will be used as a basis for the development of both the Assets Management and Business Plan of AUWSA.

The successful implementation of the Strategic Plan objectives requires well dedicated workers with a positive attitude and adhering to organizational ethics and values. I call upon the dedication of all AUWSA employees to the aspirations of this document. The AUWSA will conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation in the implementation of the planned activities. It will also conduct a review of the targets of the strategic plan every year in order to improve it and include any emerging requirements.