Customer Services

Application Process For New Water Connection

The Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority has set procedures for the new Customers who need to get our Water and Sewerage services. The procedures for new connection to Water and Sewerage services are as under the Rule 5 of the Waterworks Rules

A new Customer is required to fill an Application Form for New Water or Sewer connection. The forms are provided free of charge at AUWSA Customer care desk.

Sample of the Application Form - Sample-Application-form.pdf

After filling the application form, customer survey is done and the cost estimate is provided basing on the result of the survey done at the customer premises.

Costs involved in the estimation are:

  • Connection fee materials-polythene
  • Water Meter deposit
  • Labour charge
  • And other charges related to Water/Sewer Connection.

Cost estimates are normally out within two working days whereby the customer pays all the costs and given the original. This is followed by Connecting the service and meter installation – this is done within seven days upon full payment of the required cost.

Response times for processing core activities - time_processing_core_activities.pdf

We promise to process core activities as follows:
New water connection
- Getting Application Form - Immediately and Free.

- Surveying the area - Within two days after receipt of the Application Form.
  + Preparation of cost estimates - Not more than one day after the survey is done.
  + Connecting the service and meter installation - Within seven days upon full payment of the required cost.